Provincial Youth Outreach Worker

Meet the team

How we work

Our Provincial Youth Outreach Workers (PYOW) connect Ottawa youth, aged 12-24, to services they need.

Meeting / Outreach

We meet youth through outreach in a variety of settings and locations such as neighbourhoods, community centres, parks, schools, on the street, online through social media and by referrals from parents and service providers.


Once we form a connection with youth, we work to establish their strength and areas that need support. With input from the youth, we develop an individualized plan to help.

Identify and tailor needs

Breaking barriers

We work with each youth to determine the appropriate services, programs and resources they might need and help reduce any barriers that they might be facing in order to increase the chances for a successful outcome.


Working with Youth

We act as a bridge between youth and services.

We want to promote youth engagement in the community and to ensure youth are aware of and know how to access a wide variety of programs and services.

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