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Street Outreach

We actively street outreach in the communities our teams work in. We do this by walking in designated neighbourhoods during the day or evening, in the summer or winter, spending time in neighbourhood parks, basketball courts and other areas of gathering - all in an attempt to connect with youth and families. See more information about the neighbourhoods we are in.

Community Outreach

We actively outreach to the community to connect youth, families and community partners to helpful services, programs and resources. We work in close partnership with community partners to improve access to services and reduce barriers to the youth and families who need access. Members of our team regularly drop into community programs and events at community houses and community centres to build connections with youth and families.

School Outreach

We work in partnership with both the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and the Ottawa Catholic School Board. We work with school faculty and staff, by identifying the needs of the schools and students and connecting them to sources of support and services through our team. Along with the school’s faculty and staff, we address issues such as; youth employment support that includes a resume and cover letters, short term counselling, youth groups and connecting the students to community programs and services.

Our Provincial Youth Outreach Workers meet youth through outreach in a variety of settings and locations including Ottawa neighbourhoods, community centres, parks, schools, on the street, online through social media and by referrals from parents and service providers.

Members of our team make referrals based on the needs of each youth, by working with them to determine the appropriate services and reducing barriers to increase the chances for a successful referral.

We accept self-referrals from youth, referrals from other youth, parents, community members and service providers.

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